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Licensing|Circle - Oracle Licensing Comprehensive training course (12 modules)

We finally can release the pre-launch discount code for Licensing|Circle - the comprehensive training course on Oracle Licensing. The discount code for the full course is "OracleSeniorDBA10" and this code is valid until 15-Aug-2017. The full course with 12 modules is here:

As mentioned earlier, Oracle Licensing can be a complex subject, and a lack of its understanding for Oracle professionals (including DBAs) could almost certainly lead to substantial financial risk exposure due to contractual non-compliance. To help avoid such scenarios, training on licensing is essential. Licensing|Circle is globally the first and only comprehensive & online training, reference, assessment and certification platform on Oracle License Management.

I hope you have enjoyed the free module of Licensing|Circle. If not, you can still request FREE ACCESS to the first module ('Oracle Licensing Overview') of the trainin…

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