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EXADATA Essentials For Oracle DBAs: Hands-on 4-Week Saturday Workshop by Gavin Soorma (OCM)

My friend and fellow Oracle Certified Master Gavin Soorma, after his recent popular Oracle RAC workshop (over 100 registrants) is now offering a new hands-on 4-week Saturday workshop on "Exadata Essentials For Oracle DBA’s", so you can fast track your path towards becoming an Oracle Database Machine (DMA) administrator.

In this new workshop, instructions will be provided by Gavin on how to install and configure an Exadata Storage Server on your own individual VirtualBox platform.

You will learn about the architecture, key features and capabilities of Exadata Database Machine as well as how to administer, monitor and manage the Exadata Storage Server using the CELLCLI command line interface. Attendees will learn how to use CELLCLI to create and manage celldisks, grid disks and flash disks as well as how to configure alerts and monitoring of storage cells on their own individual Exadata Storage Server environments.

The 4-week online workshop commencing on Saturday, 30th Septem…

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